Summer office hours

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

monday - Thursday


School Hours
K - 8th: 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m

​​(928) 348-8422

Fax:(928) 348-8423

201 E. Main St

Safford, AZ 85546

Triumphant Learning Center

K - 8th Grade Public AZ Charter School 

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TLC Mission Statement
Triumphant Learning Center (TLC) will provide a smaller, multi-aged class size, structured learning environment, with an expanded eclectic curriculum to empower our students of the rural Gila Valley. To enhance our students' success we highly encourage our families to participate in and out of classroom activities. Greater parental involvement will foster a higher level of responsibility in the student body. Education is a partnership between educators and parents for the betterment of our students. TLC believes that the students of the Gila Valley can and will achieve to a higher level. Excellence in academics and character will be the standard of measure for Triumphant Learning Center Students. Triumphant Learning Center offers an alternative for parents, students and teachers who want an active roll in shaping future leaders through:

  • Developing a life long love for learning, critical thinking skills, cooperative problem solving, and respect for self and community
  • Practice of fundamental values including honesty, integrity, perseverance, self-discipline, compassion, friendship, responsibility, work and loyalty
  • Will provide enrichment opportunities to broaden each students' horizons and experiences

Academic Goals & Educational Focus

    TLC offers a quality education focusing on reading, writing, arithmetic, and responsibility. Reading is our highest priority because it is crucial to all other learning. Personal responsibility is also extremely important, and is taught through character training, community service, and code of conduct. Using criterion assessments and direct observations, students will demonstrate one year’s academic and personal growth. TLC’s goal is for each student to constantly aspire for academic and personal excellence.

School Philosophy

Education is the service TLC is providing to its clients (parents)

    Parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. Today’s parents must shop around to find the best possible education or the type of school for their children. Some will choose a private school, others will home school, while still others will choose public school. If parents opt for public education, there may be several choices: traditional, magnet, alternative, or charter schools. Parents then "hire" (with tax dollars) the school which best fits their ultimate educational goals, and they expect specific results. TLC is the school you have chosen and hired to educate your children.

    TLC provides a challenging curriculum with high academic standards, but this is not a rigid "one size fits all" education. Each year students are academically assessed. The teacher, with input from the parents and student, will determine the specific needs of each individual student. If a child is below grade level, the teacher will provide the appropriate curriculum at school and home for the student to catch up. If parents choose not to implement this, the student may not be able to progress. Students who are above grade level will be given challenging assignments which will keep them motivated.

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Teaching Time is Sacred Time

   Triumphant Learning Center’s foundational belief concerns the rights of the family/parents to be central in decisions pertaining to their children. The administration wants you to feel welcome to interact with your child in his/her academic progress. We as a staff realize you have selected our school over the many educational options available to you. We appreciate the confidence you have shown by making this educational choice. While we welcome you to talk with your student, we ask you to refrain from interrupting teaching time. Students need to be here on time and be engaged in the academic process though out the day. Please make appointments on Fridays if possible. Have family vacations scheduled on school holidays or summer when possible. Unless there is an emergency, please do not interrupt your students learning time.