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5th - 8th Classroom Supply List

K-4th grade Classroom Supply List

Income Table (Use the table on page two to complete the ESEA Free and reduced Lunch form in your enrollment form)

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Returning Family Enrollment

To enroll visit: https://triumphant.powerschool.com/public/home.html 


For NEW families "Coming Soon" We are currently in the process of setting up a new system Please wait for instructions.

Please fill out a waiting list form If you have not already done so.

The only information Required for enrollment is a students first & last name, Date of Birth and parent  Contact info

Pursuant to A.R.S. 15-184(A)

Please either upload a digital copy of the following documents with enrollment or bring the documents to our office to make copies. Pursuant to A.R.S. 15-828

1.proof of residency must be provided at time of enrollment.

2. Immunization Form
- Immunization documentation is required prior to the first day of attendance, or a signed waiver of immunization is on file.

3. Proof of Age and Identity

-required within 30 days of enrollment

At the time of enrollment, parents will receive written notice that within 30 days they must submit one of the following documents:

A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate; or

Other reliable proof of the student’s identity, including a baptismal certificate, an application for a social security number, or original school registration records. If documentation other than a certified copy of a birth certificate is provided, such documentation must be accompanied by a notarized affidavit explaining the inability to provide a copy of the birth certificate;

If a student is in the custody of the Department of Child Safety (“DCS”), a letter from the authorized representative of the agency certifying that the student has been legally placed in custody of the agency. Charter schools must carefully safeguard and maintain confidentiality regarding the status of children in DCS custody.


1.) Proof of Residency  

​- Valid Arizona driver’s license, Arizona identification card or motor vehicle registration

- Valid Arizona Address Confidentiality Program authorization card

- Real estate deed or mortgage documents

- Property tax bill

- Residential lease or rental agreement

- Water, electric, gas, cable, or phone bill

- Bank or credit card statement

- W-2 wage statement

- Payroll stub

- Certificate of tribal enrollment (506 Form) or other identification issued by a recognized Indian tribe in               Arizona

- Documentation from a state, tribal or federal government agency (Social Security Administration, Veteran’s    Administration, Arizona Department of Economic Security)

- Temporary on-base billeting facility (for military families)

- If you are currently unable to provide any of the foregoing documents. You can provided an original affidavit    signed and notarized by an Arizona resident who attests that you have established residence in Arizona          with the person signing the affidavit. 

2.) Immunization Records. If you do not believe in having your child receive vaccinations, you must complete       one of the following forms: Pursuant to A.R.S 15-872(c).
     * Religious Belief Exemption
     * Personal Belief Exemption​

3.) Birth Certificate or certified copy of the pupil's birth Certificate, or one of the following alternatives.

              * baptismal certificate 

              * an application for a social security number

              * the original school registration records with an affidavit explaining the inability to provide a copy of                     the Birth Certificate

              * A letter from the authorized representative of an agency having custody of the pupil pursuant to                      Title 8. chapter 2 certifying that the pupile has been placed in the custody of the agency as                                prescribed by law.

(K & new students if you have not submitted already.)


Background Checks

We are now doing background checks on our parent volunteers with Sterling Volunteers. If you are interested in Volunteering please click the provided link to start. The Sterling Volunteers website will need a good deed code number. This code is fhmgi5L  If you have any questions please contact the office. More Information

​Sterling Volunteers Background Checks are unnecessary if you have a valide fingerprint clearance card.

Bring your valid fingerprint clearance card to the office so we can make a copy for our records

Additional Forms (if applicable)

          Request for RX Medication Form (You will have to print this form and then fill it out.)

If you do not believe in having your child receive vaccinations, you must complete one of the following forms:

           Religious Belief Exemption

          Personal Belief Exemption

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